The Indian Ocean

Originally posted to Ask The Fire, 5 April 2018

Late evening at the Savoy, looking out to sea and towards the mountains (Cape Fold Belt? I don't know).

And the same evening, overlooking a small lake, the rugby stadium and the ocean.

Port Elizabeth spills into the sea. There's a row of hotels and upscale apartments that face out against a khaki-sand beach, a Sunday market overlooking the breakers, a colorful corkscrew building that brushes against the highway as it tilts away from the seaside trainyard. From the Savoy, you can see the ocean, and the port with its ships, and the other ships that decided to dock outside of town to save money. There's the shiplifts that rise out of the iron like oilwells. There's only four planes a day--who else would need to fly in?

I didn't have the chance to go until Human Rights Day. The other two Americans and I met up at a beachside roadhouse for burgers and a discussion about our upcoming trip to Cape Town. I ignored the light rain, the harsh wind and the toddler playing with my hair. I thought about the ocean. Thankfully, we went for a walk.

If I wasn't with people, I'd have had a longer Moment in the waves. Situation considered, I settled for a short one. How long has it been since I stood in an ocean? It's strong. It pulls you like it wants you to go somewhere. Breaking waves do look like horses, and The Last Unicorn was right as usual. Moment passed.

We walked down the beach and picked up things. Sav is a waterbug at heart and she picked up all the trash she could carry. I looked for seaglass. Jaquita took photos for Instagram. There were plenty of perfectly silent moments, and I'm fine with that. We met two dogs that wanted nothing to do with us and headed back up to shore.

I've been back another time since then. Still working up the courage to get a swimsuit and jump in the water, but I no longer trust my swimming skills. Maybe I'll find a place that does ocean kayaking.

Either way, it's beautiful.

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Charlie N, posted 6 April 2018, 9:26 PM

Get your suit on and swim in the ocean -- TODAY. You will never forgive yourself if you don't.

BE SAFE. You don't have to swim out past the breakers -- but do get your hair wet!


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